You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em

Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion

Market research

Like anyone turning 30, as the Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion Instant Scratch-off eyed its 30th birthday it was having a bit of an existential identity crisis. The lottery game didn’t know who it was anymore. The nation’s longest-running lottery game show needed to better understand who its audience was before it could plan for another great 30 years.

Working along side our friends at Warhol and Wall St., Holden Ellis conducted extensive market research that:

  • Identified patterns in behavior that indicate a higher propensity to gamble,

  • Created personas based upon demographic and psychographic data to construct a narrative of who their audiences are,

  • Determined new possible revenue streams based upon buyer behavior,

  • Distilled all information into a consumer insights data narrative that puts a face and feeling to the encompassing market search.

Who said your creative agency can’t have fully functioning right and left sides of the brain?