Content Marketing Matters

Content connects the world—and if done right, can change commerce, move mountains, amass dividends, and ignite a community. Which is why, to us, content is an art form. It’s the catalyst between brand and customer—building trust and creating demand. 

Our canvas is a company’s homepage—its social channels. Our medium is video, design, copy and photography. We use brainpower as much as battery power. 

We are a creative content marketing agency.  


Josh Fitzwater

Founder & dot connector

As a big-picture-thinker and a total content junkie, Josh is the creative force that leads the development of projects to ensure that innovation meets practicality for all clients. In summation, he keeps the metaphorical pedal to the metaphorical metal. With a background that spans directing a creative agency's digital strategy to putting colleges and universities on the digital map—he’ll guide each project from creative to completion.

Josh holds a master’s in marketing  and has spoken at multiple national conferences on topics such as video narrative marketing, digital crisis communication and late-millennial consumerism.

Connect: (email) | (social) @holdenellis


Todd King


With a keen eye for detail, Todd oversees and brings a refreshing take on the creative and design process at Holden Ellis. As an award-winning Associate Creative Director with 15+ years of experience, Todd has created effective, powerful print and digital campaigns. He learns and breathes every client in order to truly understand and provide a distinguished brand that leaves a lasting impression on an audience's heart.

When Todd isn't bringing concepts to life, you can find him enjoying a concert, trying a new local restaurant or brewery, or spending quality time with his family — Taylor, Aiden, Brandi and Murphy.

Connect: (email)


Maddie Herbert


With a constant need to get her hands a little dirty and a lot creative, Maddie is the Lead Designer at Holden Ellis. She takes time to study every client in order to grasp the story behind each brand. Maddie is the engine to the Holden Ellis machine. She understands the marriage between design and copy. And just like an engine converts gas into motion, she converts copy into design that captivates an audience. 

Maddie speaks design as fluently as she speaks sarcasm. Her sense of humor keeps the team sane — and a little insane, too. You can find Maddie on the prowl for the best dirty martini in town.

Connect: (email) | (social) @maddieherb



Director of Pop-Tarts

Don’t worry; this pint-sized whippersnapper is not running our accounting books. His name is Holden. Actually, his name is quite literally Holden Ellis. As namesake of the agency, his stake in the business is to remind us all that sometimes it takes harnessing your inner-child to make the best creative ideas hatch and take form. 

The Truth Behind the X

What began with us creating a Venn diagram to explain our system for content marketing resulted in an organic, insightful evolution of the brand. The convergence of our strategy compromised of Content, Place, Process and SEO—its epicenter—creates a natural and whimsical “X.”

It is the emergence of “X” and its provocative, sleek cogitations that cemented it as our symbol not just for Holden Ellis, but also as a beacon to any business that content isn’t just king—it’s everything.