What in Tarnation is Content Marketing?

So What’s the Big Fuss about Content Marketing?

I’ll be the first to admit that I get asked one question in particular A LOT: “What is content marketing?” Which, then, is immediately followed with, “And what do you do?”

Faster than you can say “BUZZWORD,” the term “content marketing” has become two contradictory things: One, a bit of a clichéd nomenclature representing a broad agency discipline and, two, a wondrous phrase that gets clients and marketers amped like they were just called to “Come on down” on The Price is Right.


Content Marketing is More Dr. Seuss and Less Dr. Doom

The answer to “what is content marketing?” at least to us, is really simple. Content marketing is the practice (and I’ll say “art”) of understanding what people want and giving it to them as a digital asset. It’s really that simple.

And, although, that sounds a bit formulaic—I can attest it is anything but. That’s because content marketing isn’t just about a transaction. Content for the sake of transaction—what I call the Give-to-Get model—is slightly flawed. It’s not authentic. You are giving someone something with a savvy, yet slightly sinister marketing motive: getting something back in return.

Small caveat here: We do enact Give-and-Get tactics when it aligns with strategy and goals, but that’s definitely not WHY we’re a content marketing company.

When you create content that’s altruistic in nature and wrapped in a sometimes strong, sometimes subtle narrative, as Dr. Seuss so aptly said in Oh, the Places You’ll Go, “Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

We are a creative content marketing agency because we believe in the curiosity of people. Whether it’s video, design, photography or copy, audience-centric content is the greatest marketing catalyst of all.


Put the Audience First and Good Will Follow

A funny thing happens when you put the goals of an audience on equal footing as the goals of your client. Audience goals will 10 times out of 10 aid in the facilitation of client goals. It’s a little murkier, more strained and a helluva lot less successful when your client’s goals lead the way and get shoved down the proverbial throat of the audience.


Content Marketing is Combustion

Think of it this way, the slickest website or the largest Facebook page following doesn’t mean shit without content to put your dormant audience into motion. Web is the engine. Content is the fuel.

It’s time to combust.


Add Some Gas to Your Content Fire

Holden Ellis is a Columbus, OH-based content marketing agency that creates video, design, photography and copy for the websites and social communities we build.