The Great Content Heist: Content Scraping

Are Search Engines Stealing Your Page Views? Search engines are at a precarious stage of its service to users. There has been an incremental—but important—paradigm shift in not only how we consume our indexed information, but also in how that information is delivered to us. With search engines, comes page content provided to a user faster than ever. And what the search engines are not telling you is that, in doing so, your precious page views and possible conversions are dwindling. But how? And why?

Programmatic Display Advertising: A How-To Guide for Rookies

The future of display ads and content marketing is here—and it’s automated, attributed, and, well, kind of like the stock market.  Programmatic display advertising is the real-time buying and selling of desktop and mobile display ads using a programed (hence the word “programmatic”) set of functions.