Twitter Links and Photos Won't Count in 140-Character Limit

Sorry Bron Bron, Twitter is the new 23.

If you haven't already heard, Twitter just gave you a reason to celebrateby planning to exclude links, photos and GIFs (which are now searchable on Twitter) in its 140-character limit. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that this is supposed to go into effect within the next couple of weeks. It's a game-changer. With links alone, you get 23 characters (even after Twitter shortens a link). Twenty-three more characters, PLUS a photo or GIF? We're ALL IN. (Okay, enough with the Cavs references.)

Say "Toodaloo Motherfucka" to improper grammar.

Twitter is giving us more, which means now we can type our tweet and not be crushed by the fact that the link or photo we're also sharing will alter the tweet entirely. What's worse than typing out the greatest tweet ever tweeted, and then having to fuck up your grammar and spelling after you plug in the appropriate link? Nothing. There is nothing worse than changing "your" to "ur" in a tweet.

What does 23 characters get you?

Let's face ittweets with links are more shareable. Links are kind of a big deal, and 23 characters is everything. Here's what 23 character tweets can get you:

"Twitter is King. #ALLin"

"Oliver Twist wants more"

"Toodaloo Motherfuckaaaa"

"Thanks for 23, Twitter."

So go ahead and add these to your tweets. Share your favorite 23 character tweets with us!