How to Create the Video Your Business Actually Needs

Three Tips to Shoot the Perfect Testimonial Video

Video has never been a more powerful messenger for your brand and the service it provides your audience. Anyone with eyeballs and the digits to type into Google search can attest to that. It’s passive, actionable and shareable. Testimonial videos can be an excellent third-party endorsement of the benefit you provide told through the lens of a customer. And future customers like to listen to existing customers. But if you’ve never shot video before, creating a testimonial video could be a tall order.

Tell A Story (but not about you)

News flash: You are not the center of the universe. And sadly, neither is your company. Make the story about your audience not about you. When the focus of your message is self-congratulatory you turn into Big Brother who needs no help and is out of touch with it’s own constituents. The reason why the content storytelling games works is because of its bigger picture lens—not because of how great YOU are. It’s because of how great the PEOPLE who’ve walked through your doors are.

Creating A Testimonial Video is All About Channeling Your Inner-Aristotle

We’ve found that a slight tweak of Aristotle’s On Rhetoric story arch model from Ethos, Logos, Pathos to Pathos, Ethos, Logos creates the ultimate architecture to a quick testimonial-based video story that engages people and promotes action. So really all you need to do is tell your story in three acts—or parts:


Begin your story by building an emotional connection with your audience to story’s HERO. To build such a connection, ask your HERO these questions:

  • What has this person overcame/embody to make them exemplify your organization’s mission?
  • What values do they have that make them special?
  • How has your organization helped them get to where they want to be?
  • What in this piece of content would make someone share or care?



After you’ve given your viewer a reason to care, it’s now time to establish their credibility—and yours. You’ve hooked them in (temporarily) to want to know more and now you need to show your viewer that your HERO is an expert on said subject. To do so, think about this: What is it that makes your HERO a credible?

  • Personal experience
  • Study
  • Thought-leader

What is it? Let your audience know.


The payoff is logic. The final step to storytelling is to finish with a logical conclusion. How your HERO changed is the ultimate selling point for your cause. It’s far more beneficial to demonstrate the success of your organizational via a person or group than a hard sell.

Need More Help with Creating Testimonial Videos?

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