Top 3 Columbus SEO Strategies for Every Business

Columbus SEO, Made Easy

Big or small, every Columbus-based company should be utilizing SEO not just for Google page rankings (which of course, being on page one is the equivalent to being named Prom King or Queen), but also it’s about using organic search to find qualified visitors and nurturing them through your goals. Here are a few “gotta-do’s” that we recommend to jump-start your Columbus SEO:

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Focusing on broad keyword terms with an exponentially high search volume gives you broad visitors with an exponentially high bounce rate. Get specific. Find unique long-tail keywords that are being searched. You’ll receive better qualified traffic to your website and, more importantly, chances are they will convert better, too. You can dig into keywords using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool.  

For example: Use "lawn care for beginners" instead of "lawn care." 

2. Content Really is King

The real secret that drives SEO is content—tons of content, actually. The best way to bridge the gap to see your Columbus SEO page rankings improve and increased site traffic is to post meaning content (i.e. addresses or answers a question relevant to your audience). With your long-tail keywords leading the charge, the more you post on a weekly/monthly basis, the more likely you will begin to claw your way to the top.

3. Relationships Win

The forgotten and most crucial strategy to SEO is creating a funnel that cultivates a relationship with your new website visitor over time and converts them when they are ready. The user pathway of first-time visitor to sale/conversion is longer than you’d think. There are countless touch points that take place before each individual person completes a desired action. A few questions to ask yourself:

-       How are you turning a visitor into a lead? And a lead into a sale?

-       What type of nurturing process is being done to grow relationships?

-       Are your visitors interacting with your content? 

-       Do you utilize landing pages to move users toward conversion?

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The SEO game is complicated and takes equal parts ingenuity and elbow grease. That’s why we use creative content as the fuel for inbound marketing.  Contact Holden + Ellis founder Josh Fitzwater at josh [at] holdenellis [dot] com to learn more about they can help your business.