Pizza Party Planning 101

When it's National Pizza Party Day, there's only one thing on our mindthe cheesy, doughy deliciousness we call pizza (or 'za if you're a Phil Dunphy fan). You just cannot go wrong with bread, cheese and marinara (plus your choice of endless toppings). So, how do we throw a pizza party at Holden Ellis?

Twitter Links and Photos Won't Count in 140-Character Limit

Twitter Links and Photos Won't Count in 140-Character Limit

If you haven't already heard, Twitter just gave you a reason to celebrateby planning to exclude links, photos and GIFs (which are now searchable on Twitter) in its 140-character limit. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that this is supposed to go into effect within the next couple of weeks. It's a game-changer. With links alone, you get 23 characters (even after Twitter shortens a link). Twenty-three more characters, PLUS a photo or GIF?

How to Create the Video Your Business Actually Needs

Tell A Story (but not about you)

News flash: You are not the center of the universe. And sadly, neither is your company. Make the story about your audience not about you. When the focus of your message is self-congratulatory you turn into Big Brother who needs no help and is out of touch with it’s own constituents. The reason why the content storytelling games works is because of its bigger picture lens—not because of how great YOU are. It’s because of how great the PEOPLE who’ve walked through your doors are.

Confessions from an Ex-Social Media Director: 5 Tips for Using Facebook for Small Business

Confessions from an Ex-Social Media Director: 5 Tips for Using Facebook for Small Business

 “Forgive me, Mark, for I have sinned.”

As a small business owner in Columbus, Ohio (HQ for Holden + Ellis) or elsewhere, you’ve probably muttered something along these lines whilst trying to generate business or leads via Facebook. A lot of professionals say you just need to be “authentic” and “real,” which is true, but that doesn’t make success any easier. In fact, it seems counterintuitive, but being authentic with content and message is incredibly difficult and complicated. It takes a shitload of discipline. I’ve spent most of career helping businesses and organizations do just that.    

Top 3 Columbus SEO Strategies for Every Business

Big or small, every Columbus-based company should be utilizing SEO not just for Google page rankings (which of course, being on page one is the equivalent to being named Prom King or Queen), but also it’s about using organic search to find qualified visitors and nurturing them through your goals. Here are a few “gotta-do’s” that we recommend to jump-start your Columbus SEO:

How Calculated Change Gives Way to Success

I’ve seen it a million times—been guilty of it greater than or equal to a million times. We create roadmaps, plans, strategies (insert another clichéd synonym) for life or business and follow it like protocol because we put the upfront thought into said plan. But what happens? Things change, life changes, the market changes, your product changes or your audience changes. The common denominators here being “change.” And as any mentally stable person will concede, change is utterly terrifying. That distressing notion of change is what, in millions of people, yields complacency in business plans that are out of date, happiness that never materializes and feeling stuck within an automated cycle of, well, feeling stuck.