Content Marketing Mavens

Holden Ellis is a one-stop-shop creative content marketing agency that puts a brand in motion by building digital assets that connect, activate, and accumulate customers. 

We are the eradicators of audience inertia. By creating content with purpose, we are the external force that propels your audience toward your goals. Like Newton’s 1st Law of Motion, our content marketing is the push that sends your brand or campaign in the right direction.

Content Marketing

The core of everything we do, content marketing is the strategy that guides our creative process. It’s our philosophy. Every audience—yes, even yours—is naturally curious. They have questions and need help. We build content that answers those questions in exciting and captivating ways. When this happens, affinity and credibility are born—after that, anything is possible.

> Strategy
> Campaigns
> Measurement
> Inbound
> Audits
> Nurturing

Video Production

Video content isn’t just something flashy; it’s really the Holy Grail of content. It can unlock and activate your audience and we’ve got science to back it up (please put on a lab coat). Video decreases our innate desire to habituate marketing messages because of the constant change of sound and images. It’s the varying stimulus that unlocks your audience’s memories and enables decisions to be made.  

> Concepting
> Scripting
> Shooting
> Animation  
> Editing

Social Media

Social media is the fuel that keeps your audience going at 100 mph. Don’t let momentum slow down and allow your customers to disengage. From building a community of advocates to driving qualified leads to your website, social media marketing is an art form, and at Holden Ellis, we’re a bunch of Rembrandts. 

> Community Management  
> Campaigns
> Acquisition  
> Share-of-Voice
> Custom Content 


Whether it’s bringing a brand to life online or evolving creative to better suit your audience, our design is elegant, refined and functional. The goal of any design is to convey an intended message—and that’s where we start. We’ll create content that’s on-brand and on-target every time.   

> Web
> Infographics
> Email
> Custom Assets


It’s hard to be a content marketing agency without all of us being copywriters at heart. We don’t just write words. We write the right words. Our copy packs a wallop, rich with SEO-lovin’ keywords and personality. At Holden Ellis, we put as much thought and toil into a 140-character Twitter post as we do into a video script. Because for your audience, everything matters.  

> Websites
> SEO/Keyword Research
> Blogs
> Campaigns
> Scripts
> e-Books
> White Papers/Case Studies


From creative lookbooks featuring your products to hero images for your website, we don’t just point and shoot; we art direct and pull the essence of your company out and into any image we capture. Like our video production, photography is content that can be consumed via any channel and medium.

> Web Heroes   
> Environmental
> Head Shots/Team
> Product Shots