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Video Production

Video content isn’t just something flashy; it’s really the Holy Grail of content. It can unlock and activate your audience, and we’ve got science to back it up (please put on your lab coat). Video decreases our innate desire to habituate marketing messages because of the constant change of sound and images. It’s the varying stimulus that unlocks your audience’s memories and enables decisions to be made.

Whether it's for TV, your website or social media, we've got the creativeand gear to do it—Plus the vocal cords to say, "ACTION!"


Video production

From concept and scripting to shooting and editing—plus a little on-set sweat—we'll work to create the perfect marketing video, along with the strategy to ensure the proper set of eyeballs are seeing it, sharing it, and becoming your advocate. 


Motion Graphics // Video animation

Sometimes the best videos never need anyone to hit the record button. Motion graphics are a great way to convey a brand's mission, a product's features or add some flavor to your marketing. Either way, we gotcha covered. 


Testimonal // Corporate Videos

We are true believers in the power of testimonial videos. They are so powerful. Let us put your passionate advocates behind the camera and see what happens.  


Social media marketing videos

The best content that keeps any audience engaged and your brand top-of-mind throughout any social channel is video. We're built to act fast and crank out high-end and authentic videos to be shared at the speed of social.  


Holden Ellis Video Gear List

  • Sony FS7 mkII

  • Canon c-100 mkII

  • Black Magic Ursa 4K

  • Canon 6D

  • Movi Free Fly Gimbal

  • EasyRig System

  • Litemat Panels x2

  • 85 mm f1.2

  • 50 mm f1.4

  • 35 mm f1.4

  • 24 mm f1.4

  • 100mm macro f2.8

  • 400 Flo Kino x 2

  • F&V daylight panels 1x1 x 3

Like What You See? 

We'd love the opportunity to show you what we can do. Plus, we'll let you say, "That's a wrap," at the end of a shoot. 

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