Empty Steps: Does Fitbit Make You Workout Harder? 

Like the date you went on a decade ago when you pretended you were interested—your Fitbit has been faking it. All those steps, BPMs, goals and challenges have mislead you and made you softer than a gut full of Jamocha Shakes. If your workout priority is checking the gadget on your wrist over bringing balls-out intensity, something has gotten lost.

It’s time to Check Yourself and say, “Fuck your Fitbit.” Here are a few reasons why being handcuffed to your Fitbit makes you less of a badass and more of a lazy one. 


Quality Not Quantity

Going through the motions has never really worked. For anything. From relationships and work to diets and working out, if you’re not all in, then neither is your body. Steps for the sake of steps makes as much sense as wearing an old Thor Halloween costume to In the Mix. Real results happen when you push your body out of its comfort zone.

It’s not about how many steps you’re taking. It’s about what kind of energy you’re putting into each step. Instead of 5,000 slow steps, do 1,000 steps of climbing stairs at your neighborhood football stands. Don’t sweat the number; sweat the effort you’re putting in.


Fitbit Done Flatlined

One of the most popular features, the ability to track your heart rate, is now said to be “highly inaccurate.” CNBC says, “Comparative results from rest and exercise, including jump rope, treadmills, outdoor jogging and stair climbing, showed that the Fitbit devices miscalculated heart rates by up to 20 beats per minute on average during more intensive workouts.”

When gut burning is basically measured by heart rate, if your workout is +/- 20 BPMs that’s the difference between not nearly working hard enough or dangerously over-extending yourself. Either way, we’re calling bullshit on Fitbit. For a product that’s tailored to active people, you’d think its accuracy would be, well, more accurate.


Tell Your Fitbit to suck it.

Join a team of fitness nuts who think pushing yourself is called passion not hard work.