Damn the Man: The At-Work Workout Plan

Sometimes working out, well, just doesn’t work out. But that’s no excuse to take your foot off the fitness gas. When the office grind is getting you down, give it a nice, swift roundhouse backhand by working out while at work. That’s right, use the place you hang your occupational hat as your own personal gym and calorie-smashing playground. Think of it this way, it’s win-win to be dedicated to your strength while also shaming Karen from accounting.

These at-work workout tips are easy to pull off, will kick your ass but also require a bit of don’t-give-a-shit je ne sais quoi to fully embrace in an office environment. But hey, we here at System of Strength are full of don’t-give-a-shit je ne sais quoi. 


Lateral Arm Raises

Whether its your old employee manual so thick it could stop a bullet or a few industry-esque books, grab some for each hand, hold the books so your palms are facing the floor and lift your arms in an upward flying motion. Remember, your not trying to literally fly away (unless you hate your job that much) so raise your arms slow and steady.

REPS: Go lighter on the book weight and higher on the reps for tone. 3 sets 20 will put a wondrous little fire in your shoulders. 


Calf Raises

Take those same books you just used for lateral arm raises and stack them up on the floor and with your heels hanging off the edge of the books, shoot yourself up onto your tippy-toes. Simple but effective as hell.

REPS: Rip off 3 sets 15


Bench Dips

It’s time to really whip your ass into shape. Dips work on everyone. Keep your palms about 6 inches away from your body and dip down so that your finely tuned badonkadonk almost hits the floor. For extra badass-ery, while in the dip position, hold each one for 5 seconds before raising back up. Trust us: You’ll feel these after just a few.

REPS: 3 sets of 10


Wall Sits

If you’ve got a wall—and chances are you do—you’ve got one of the best (and hardest) workout excises. Sit up against the wall like your sitting in a chair and get your legs as close to 90 degrees as you can. This will burn and you’ll love it. If you’re a straight gangsta when it comes to your at-work workout, try alternating leg extensions while wall sitting.

REPS: 2 sets of holding wall sit for 1:30


Desk Push-Ups

This at-work exercise will keep your gun-show arms ready for any sunny day or to put your boss in a headlock. Place your arms on the edge of your desk and lean in so your body is roughly at a 45-degree angle and, you guessed it, do a push-up. There aren’t too many natural exercises out there better than a push-up so let it rip.

REPS: 3 sets of 25  


Chair Squats

Think of chair squats as dips for your booty region. For this exercise you’ll basically act like you are going to sit down—BUT DON’T. Squat as if you’re plopping down on your office chair but leave about 2 inches between your seat and butt. The name of the game on this one is not to fully get up or sit down. If you have high cube walls, this is an exercise you can sneakily do without looking like a crazy person.

REPS: 3 sets 15


Are You Stanky?

Yes, you. No one likes someone who gets a high level of funk on them if they get a little sweaty. So, have an extra shirt or something to mask your stank with you at the office. When a meeting is over and you leave, we shouldn’t still be smelling you. 

Now go get a little sweaty.